What Makes EAT! Frozen Entrées Unique?

Real food made by real people

Life’s too short to settle for soul-stifling, tasteless meals. That’s why we created EAT! 2.0™, EAT! LaVida and EAT! BimBap™ frozen entrées. Featuring global flavors and great ingredients at a price you can afford, they help you live more fully. The result is an eating experience that not only fits your life, it’s worthy of it.

You’ll taste the difference after your first bite: This is real food made by real people – eaters like yourself, who care about quality, who embrace flavors from around the world, and believe that every meal should take you someplace new.

Our promise to you

  • We use only 100% Natural* white meat chicken
    *Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients.
  • We keep it real
    That means no artificial flavors or colors.
  • We’ll help you eat your vegetables
    Most of our recipes have over half a cup (as packaged).
  • We never use preservatives
    Great food doesn’t need them.
  • We cook with whole grains
    Because that’s the best way to eat grains.
  • Our cheese is real cheese
    After all, who wants to eat fake cheese?
  • We hate boring
    Life is too short to eat food that has no flavor.


Great eating doesn’t have to be complicated

It’s a mantra of ours: Real food made by real people. You’ll see it on our packaging and here on our website.

Here’s what it means. It means we have cooks in our kitchen, not chemists. It means we embrace flavor and trust our ingredients, believing that the less they’re fussed with, the better they’ll taste.

In creating our recipes, we wanted each meal to be unique. So instead of trying to feed the masses, we want to please the passionate – people who care about what they eat, who thrill to the new, and whose desire to get the most out of life extends to getting more out of every meal.

We hope you’ll like EAT! frozen entrées. We put a lot of ourselves into creating them.

Questions about Eat! Frozen Entrees?